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1. General Behavior

1.1 Members must respect one another. We are all friends. This is just a game. If a member has an issue with another member, they should resolve it as soon as possible. If they cannot do so amicably then please discuss with a sack

1.2 Members must listen and carry out the orders of the leaders. If a member has an issue with an order, they should post on the forums or resolve it in tells. Quick decisions made in rough situations must be respected because under certain circumstances, decisions might be made poorly due to time constraints etc. If a poor decision has been made then members are to properly bring it to the attention of the leaders so such a mistake can be prevented from repeating.

1.3 All drama/bickering is banned from the /linkshell chat channel, please take it to tells.

1.4 Members may be removed temporarily from linkshell to remove drama. This is not a permanent kick but just to calm the situation down and to allow members to continue with events

1.5 Members may be removed from linkshell if sacks agree by a majority verdict.

2. Events

2.1 No events are mandatory.

2.2 Event times are as detailed in schedule on website (7pm every day except Wednesday)

2.3 In order to random for event you need to have attended previous event and did not chose previous event. Randoms usually take place outside mog house in rulude gardens at event start time prompt. If you are late then you do not random.

2.4 If you random then you are expected to attend the event. If you do not attend or leave early then sacks have the right to lock your rights to random for an agreed length of time.

2.5 Event chooser can lock 1 item as needed but this will depend on event. This may be empyrean upgrade items +2 upgrade items etc. They will receive as many as they need of this item to complete.

2.6 If you choose something for an event we do not have right jobs for or enough time to complete in an evening then please be prepared to discuss your choice with the event organiser.

2.7 If you make an unusual choice for an event please be prepared to help sacks with strategy and planning. Leaders do not know everything about every fight.

2.8 If you event is done quickly you may be able to choose another quick event to fill time if possible.

3. Abyssea Events

3.1 For abyssea NMs popper can choose up to 2 of the main +2 upgrade item the NM drops or 1 of any other.

3.2 if you have farmed your own pop you may not want to save it for yourself. I will allow this situation to be resolved between popper and event chooser

3.3 All items not chosen by popper or event chooser are free lot if you need for upgrade.

3.4 All seals you need for upgrade during event are free lot. If someone is 7/8 seals please pass for them.

3.5 All geodes / "element"-ites you need during event are free lot if you need for upgrade.

4. Voidwatch Events

4.1 Voidwatch looks after itself in terms of drops. Loot whoring allowed.

5. Dynamis Events

5.1 We occasionally do dynamis events on Monday to help people complete relics / get pop item drops. If you need any of these please farm the pop item yourself and we can do.

5.2 If you choose dynamis as event you can choose to receive any AF, AF-1, any drop from a popped NM or up to 30 forgotten upgrade items.

5.3 All single coins will go free fall. All 100s free lot (see rule 7.2)

6. Other events

6.1 Other events rules can be decided on as we need. The general rule is free lot all except what event chooser wants.

7. Lotting

7.1 Please only lot what you need. I don't want to make rules about stuff that is free lot. I expect members to help each other.

7.2 (if you have a mule) For all free lot items you may lot on your main character or your mule NOT both.

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